An American Werewolf in London – Movie 4 in 31 Days of Horror

Man do I love this movie.

There’s not much I can say that hasn’t already been said, so let’s just take a look at the Academy Award-winning practical effects and gush over them! Spoilers follow.

The werewolf attack at the beginning is already good and bloody, setting the stage for what’s to come. I always particularly liked the pristine looking severed hand with all the gore behind it.

Jack’s steady decay throughout the movie is consistently incredible, but his first look is my favorite. The neck would is so perfectly disgusting, and just looks so wet. I also think this Jack really sums up the movie. Funny, morbid, and absolutely gross.

How I look when I’m hungover.

The dream sequence monster designs are all rad as well, they feel almost self-indulgent of the movie to include but I can’t argue when they show off with fun wolf and monster masks.

The best thing about this werewolf design is that it’s totally different from what David’s werewolf ends up looking like. Is it a cool mask and design? Yes. Is it a hint of what’s to come? Not at all. Two werewolf designs for the price of one!!

Rick Baker’s incredible werewolf transformation scene is, possibly, the biggest flex in movie history. Full werewolf transformation, every detail shown, in BROAD DAYLIGHT. No lighting tricks, you watch the entire, painful process in extreme detail and it looks incredible. I’m only posting the above image from it, because if you haven’t seen it I’m certainly not going to ruin it for you.

It’s no wonder the Oscars finally created a Best Make-up category when An American Werewolf in London came out. This scene absolutely cannot be denied.

Random musings:

The gleefully morbid tone of this movie is perfectly executed, and I love it oh so much.

How I feel watching this movie.

The subway attack sequence is another all-time scene, and when you see the werewolf at the bottom of the escalator….just damn. Good stuff.

Love the fun soundtrack on this one, it works so well with the tone of the movie!

Lastly, this movie’s smash-cut to credits with Blue Moon playing always leaves me in awe.

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