Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus – Movie 2 in 31 Days of Horror

m e t a

I’m going to cut off the naysayers right now: If you think Invader Zim isn’t horror, clearly you haven’t seen “Dark Harvest” or “Bloaty’s Pizza Hog.”

I revisited Enter the Florpus on a Saturday morning whim, and within moments I was cackling with glee.

Me, watching Enter the Florpus.

I don’t know if there’s a show that ruined me more than Zim. It’s one of those shows where a revisit usually has a lightbulb “oh god, is THAT why I say that like that?” moment. So having an hour and eleven minutes of Zim content that I haven’t exhausted has been wonderful.

And it’s good! It absolutely recaptures the insane tone of the show, and there are new instantly classic lines that have already made their way into my brain.

Also me, watching Enter the Florpus in quarantine.

It’s also gorgeous! The animation is incredible, and every scene looks polished. I also love the segment where you see the characters in a bunch of different animation styles. I’ll take action figures of them all, please.

OK, maybe I don’t want an action figure of chair-Dib.

I was also sitting there horrified at the scene of Professor Zim’s rise to power. “We should all do everything he says, no matter how evil it sounds.” Just…yikes.

Terrifying real-world similarities aside, Enter the Florpus is a hilarious ride and a welcome addition to a series gone too soon. Zim himself may never be victorious, but Enter the Florpus is certainly a victory lap for the creators.

[chuckles wickedly]

Random musings:

I recently bought this incredible Gir mini-backpack, proving that some things change but I guess I’ll be buying Gir merch from Hot Topic until I die.

Clembrane is so sweet? Why did this pudding-making robot make me want to cry? What a cutie and a great dad. (“Hey, how come you kids never play with the science puppy I made you?” “Because it’s pudding…”)

Also? Where is the lie:

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