I Made Pumpkin Spice Waffles in a Pumpkin Waffle Maker & it was Only October 3rd

No god, only pumpkin

Yeah, I typed “pumpkin spice” into Amazon and I don’t regret it. I picked up this pumpkin spice pancake mix and it was delicious! Had a nice touch of ginger flavor to the pumpkin spice.

But even better than the pancake mix was the mini waffle maker in the recommended section. It’s orange and makes pumpkin-shaped waffles! Instant buy.


So yeah, it was pancake mix but I added some butter and I was good to go. The batter wasn’t perfect to make shaped waffles, but it tasted good and mostly looked like pumpkins!

Pumpkin shaped pumpkin waffle?? Pumpkinception.

The waffle-maker came with a recipe book including one for pumpkin waffles using pumpkin purée, which I definitely want to try.

NOTE: This is the only waffle-maker I own.

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