October 1st, the Pumpkin Queen rises

7:48 AM

I rise, reaching into the dark. How long until my alarm for work goes off? Do I have time to go back to sleep?

7:49 AM

I see my phone, still time until my alarm. But there is a message from my sister, and I can’t resist opening it. IT TURNS OUT THE ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW HORIZONS HALLOWEEN UPDATE IS HERE, AND BAM IS TEACHING A SPOOKY STANDING LAMP!

7: 50 AM

And with that folks, October truly began! Creeping out of the room, I logged on, discovered Mitzi crafting a Spooky Lantern on my own island (named Monster Island, of course), and arrived at my sister’s island to learn Bam’s diy.

8:01 AM

My sister arrived on Monster Island, and we already discovered that you can buy a 2nd piece of candy from Nook’s Cranny if you visit another island. My time left before work entailed checking my AC mailbox for Jack’s portrait, buying a pumpkin stool, getting the new skin and eye color sets, and giving Raymond his birthday gift while continuing my Buffy the Vampire Slayer rewatch on Hulu.

8:28 AM

I break out my beloved pumpkin chai tea from David’s Tea, and proceed to do a photoshoot.

9:00 AM

Logged on for work

9:05 AM

OK OK not really, but it’s not my fault Able’s doesn’t open until 9:00 AM. I bought an animal nose and every color of the pointy animal hat, just in case anyone else wanted to log it.

10:33 AM

A package is delivered. My pumpkin spice hot cocoa Swiss Miss that I could only buy in a 2-pack arrived, meaning I am now responsible for 16 hot cocoa packs. I wonder if I’ve gone overboard.


The day continues in a haze of work emails and meetings, mixed with browsing horror news, watching trailers, and reading listicles to add movies to my potential 31 Days of Horror list.


I discover Carvel has Hocus Pocus milkshakes all month. It’s just an oreo shake, but it comes in a special cup and is technically Halloween-themed. I decide I need it, and I will soon walk a mile to the closest Carvel in order to get it. It’s legit just an oreo shake, why am I like this?

1:08 PM

Another discovery. Mortal Kombat 11 announced new character skins for Halloween. Johnny Cage’s is amazing. I need it. I am angry all over again at how expensive the Aftermath dlc is when I already purchased the premium edition at launch. My determination to wait for a sale wavers.

1:53 PM

Another package arrives. This time, two bottles of the Pumking whiskey. I again wonder why I’m like this.


I think maybe I’ll start a blog? It would be so fun to catalog my attempt at 31 Days of Horror, and keep track of the horror TV, games, and books that I check out in October? I could talk about all the pumpkin beers I’ve been enjoying? 2020 is really hard and I feel so disconnected, a blog might be fun?

6:53 PM

I decide I’m no longer ashamed and do a photoshoot of my pumpkin spice cocoa and whiskey.

So welcome to the blog! Enjoy all the self-indulgent horror, pumpkin, and genre content.

*Cryptkeeper laugh rips from my body, uncontrollable and fervent*

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